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Landline to Mobile - how does it work?

Landline to mobile diversion is done by a virtual landline – a number not fixed and therefore can be taken anywhere! They exist in the cloud as local telephone numbers attributed to towns or cities across the UK. When somebody calls your virtual landline number, we divert that call to your chosen mobile number. This means you don’t need to replace your current mobile number, as the inbound call to your virtual landline number gets diverted!

Benefits of using Landline to Mobile diversion

divert to mobile

Instant Divert to Mobile

A pocket landline! One of the main benefits is to divert all inbound calls to your landline number back to your chosen mobile. You can keep your personal mobile number, your mobile phone will ring when a customer/prospect is calling your virtual landline number, so you can answer from your mobile!

Customer perception

Customer Perception

Customers will believe they are calling an established local business that they can trust. This is great for small businesses getting started and wanting that professional look.

Rank on Google

Improve Google Ranking

Presenting your virtual landline numbers online will help you to rank higher in Google maps, and it will also verify for searchers that your business is located in that area. You benefit from being able to purchase more virtual landline numbers from us over and above your first purchase. You can position your business in numerous areas, if you want to cover a wider area of the UK.

call automation

Never miss a Customer Call

Inbound calls can be routed to multiple team members/employees all at once so someone will always answer the call! This is great if you are a larger business looking to grow further with automation. Our full list of free inclusive call features can be found below.

Fast response

Fast response time

If you signup on the weekend, we’ll setup your landline number ready to start diverting to your chosen mobile by Monday morning or if not sooner. Service is fast and we will respond to your queries and change requests within 24 hours.

100% satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

We strive for 100% satisfaction, however if you want to cancel your virtual landline number you are able to leave free of charge with no exit fee.

14 free automated call features


Landline to mobile - virtual landline

Your professional business number!
£ 12 per month
  • Unlimited inbound call minutes
  • 14 free inclusive automated call features
  • 7 day free trial
  • Cancel at any time free of charge
  • Fast support
  • No fixed contract or hidden fees
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Join monthly giveaways in the form of money off your next month’s payment. As we grow our giveaways will grow too, so spread the word!

Let's focus on the goal

Strategy session

We offer a free strategy session to choose the right workflows and call automation for your business. It is important your process is watertight and giving your callers the best possible experience and service. 

Get answers fast

Trusted support

You have access to fast support during in your plan. You can either call, email or private message. Your private messages will get an answer within minutes at times. 

landline to mobile diversion
We might not be the right Landline to Mobile provider for you, if you have these questions in mind...

Will I be able to control the features of my landline myself?

We do not offer access to our system to tweak and make changes to your virtual landline, as we do this all for you at your request. However, there are other providers who offer portal type services giving you this type of freedom.

Can I call customers from my virtual landline number?

This technology does exist – where you call customers from your mobile and your virtual landline appears on their device. However, we do not offer this functionality yet unfortunately. It is also something we are not providing in the near future.

Can I pay per minute of inbound calls to my virtual landline?

Not with us, we offer a straight forward £12 per month unlimited inbound calls service. There are providers available to offer you this service, as we appreciate you may want to keep costs down further if you do not have many inbound calls. 

Your questions answered

Most common questions with answers

Select your desired area code and enter the mobile number you would like for diversion.

Provide any initial feature requests using our online form.

Receive your active geographic landline number within hours by us.

“Could I have a BT virtual landline?” You can migrate your existing landline number into our system, this is called “Porting”. There will be a one off fee of £30 for this process and the providers we can port from are: BT, Virgin Media, EE, Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet or Vodafone.

Calls to one of our geographical numbers would be charged to the caller at their network providers rate (this varies by provider), if they had a contract with minutes included the call would use their minutes.

Calls to landline numbers are usually cheaper than calls to mobile numbers.

There is no charge to receive diverted calls on any mobile number whilst in the UK.

If you are using a UK mobile whilst abroad you would need to check with your provider what the charges to receive calls are.

Yes, you can change this at any point. As part of our inclusive features we also have multi-number group diverts that we can setup for you. 

You can cancel at anytime. If you wish to leave during your free trial period, you will not be charged. Your monthly payment will start once your 7 day free trial has ended. There is also no charge in leaving our service at any time, just email us and we will cancel your direct debit. 

We have our pricing plan available to you.  

Geographic numbers exist within the UK as local telephone numbers attributed to towns or cities. An example for Bristol would start 0117, London 020 etc. 

With our virtual landline numbers, they are hosted in the cloud. There are no highly priced line rentals or setup fees. When the virtual landline number is called, our service automatically diverts the caller to your chosen mobile of which your chosen included features will then trigger and run. 

If the above questions don’t provide the answer you are looking for, please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help. Our contact details can be found below. In the meantime, we hope to hear from you soon and kick start your landline to mobile diversion to give you more freedom!

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