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small business website design

What can a website do?

A website is your gallery to showcase your products and services via engaging messaging and quality imagery, that you can adapt and improve as your business grows. It helps customers find, validate and contact you and establishes your place within the industry you operate. 

Is a website a necessity?

This can depend on your niche, however 84% of consumers today believe a website makes your business more credible. If constructed well with customer journey in mind, it can act as a tool for converting prospects into paying clients without even needing an in-person sales pitch. 

What if I don’t have a website?

You could be missing out on revenue by the day, allowing your competitors that have an online presence to grow and dominate the space. As searching for goods via mobile isn’t slowing down, it’s more important than ever to be active online! The good news is that a website can be affordable in cost and provide a high return on investment, and the rewards of the investment can continue to grow as the website grows overtime. 

The small business Website Design steps with you

Strategy Session

1. Strategy session

It kicks off with you talking about your business and exploring the message you want to convey on your new website.

Asset Transfer

2. Asset transfer

Any photos or content you want on your website, you can send to us. We also offer content writing and imagery if you'd prefer.

Build website

3. The build

We get to work constructing your tailored website. This usually takes anywhere between 1-4 weeks depending in the request.

First Draft

4. First draft

You can review our work and suggest any changes/additions, with unlimited revisions!


5. Finalised

When you are happy, we hit the finish button and your website is live! You can then start spreading the word about your new site.

Website management

6. Management

Choose your plan and continue to receive support with change requests and website maintenance, including site security and regular backups.

Website Design Services


Your business is new or you only need a few pages
£ 350
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Multiple revisions
  • Custom design
  • On-page SEO
  • Google ready
  • Social media connected
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast support
  • Expected delivery 1-3 weeks

Making a Mark

Your business is growing
£ 650
  • Up to 10 pages
  • Multiple revisions
  • Custom design
  • On-page SEO
  • Google ready
  • Social media connected
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast support
  • Expected delivery 2-3 weeks


Your business is established
£ 850
  • 10+ pages
  • Multiple revisions
  • Custom design
  • On-page SEO
  • Google ready
  • Social media connected
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast support
  • Expected delivery 2-4 weeks

How do some of these benefits sound to you?

No stress

At your disposal

We have expertise in content writing and applying the right royalty-free imagery if you aren’t sure where to start. Working on a multiple revision basis, rest assured you will feel confident your website is ready when you say so. If you decide to stay with us for management, we maintain your website after launch and handle all the change requests.

Be ahead of the game

Best Practice

Driving for growth in new solutions and design approaches, we transfer our passion into your business. As your partner, we keep on top of topics and trends, to keep your site relevant to this day and age. Your site being Google ready with social media integrated is a key focus for us to boost leads and engagement. 

Get answers fast

Trusted support

You have access to fast support during the process. You can either call, email or private message. Your private messages will get an answer within minutes at times. 

Trusted support
We might not be the right Website Design provider for you, if you have these questions in mind...

Will it be possible for me to design part of the website myself?

This would not be possible with us as we build the website for you and don’t provide portal access to edit yourself. If you would like this type of involvement, we recommend a site like Wix which gives you complete control. 

Can you build advanced features, such as a price calculator?

Although we offer a good range of features and solutions, we aren’t techy enough to really push the boat out with complex features. There are other providers who will be able to help you on this front, generally at a higher cost.

Can my site be built in a few days? I can’t wait a week for delivery.

If you are after a few days turnaround, there are web design providers out there with larger teams to build your site at once. For us, depending on your request, we advise a delivery time of between 1-4 weeks. 

Client examples for you to check out

We work with clients across the country to provide a fresh, clean, mobile and search friendly website. Please see below some examples of our work, you can click the images to go to their site directly and take a look for yourself!

Your questions answered

Most common questions with answers

We don’t just design new websites, we also re-design existing ones! Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul, or touch up with new design to your existing, please purchase the relevant service from the packages area.

On setup of your website, we ensure that the structure adheres to being SEO friendly. This includes:

  • A lookup of keywords for your industry for Google search ranking
  • Those keywords applied to your site pages and content
  • Your page heading tags being numbered and in the right order
  • Images being compressed for site speed
  • Images given alt tags with relevant captions and descriptions for your keywords
  • Using Yoast SEO for red light/green light SEO performance
  • Ensuring your site pages appear formatted correctly in Google search

If you have already purchased a domain, we can take ownership and manage it for you. If you would like to maintain ownership but use our services, we will need the name servers pointed to us. 

Not at this stage unfortunately. 

Depending on the size and number of pages needed for the site, delivery can range between 1-4 weeks. 

Our website design service follows a structured process approach to understanding your business and its needs and then delivering the best quality work at an affordable price. We partner with you and build a strong ongoing relationship to listen and react, growing your business and its online presence. We take this level of service further by giving back. If you decide to stay with us on a monthly plan, we do monthly giveaways by randomly selecting clients and providing them with money off of their plan. More info found here

We are open to discussing custom sites, please get in touch via the contact area of our site. 

Do you have any questions?

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